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Bridal Hair & Makeup Specialist

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In this program you will become a bridal specialist in Hair, Makeup and Eyelash extensions, this way you can be able to provide a full service for your clients, make the most profit you can out of the bridal industry, and also be part of this very special day in your clients' life.

The course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn or improve everything about Bridal Hairstyling, Makeup and Lash extensions, wether you have experience or not. In this course we want our students to build and master all of the techniques from the very beginning; but if you also have some experience, this course will help you improve your skills and update yourself as a Bridal Hair and Makeup specialist.

Our Bridal Hair and Makeup specialist will prepare you in 41 lessons for the labour market and start living your dream job. After the completion of the course, you will receive your certificate as an All-round Bridal Hair & makeup specialist which is valid in The Netherlands and abroad as well.

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