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  • How do I book a course?
    Go to the online store....
  • What is the difference between express and regular courses?
    Both courses have the same amount of classes. The difference is that the regular program is once a week,4 hours. And the express program is twice a week. This could be on 2 different days, 2x 4 hours or one full day, 2 classes in one day, 8 hours.
  • I live in The Netherlands but I am not Dutch, am I an international student?"
    If you live in The Netherlands and if you are registered in a Dutch address and have a Dutch bank account you can apply to our courses as "Resident of The Netherlands". If you don't have all these requirements you are considered an "International Student".
  • Do I need a visa to enrol in a course?
  • Do you apply for the visa process in behalf of International Students?
  • Do you need to find models yourself?
    During our courses you need to bring a model to the practical classes. You need to find the models yourself. We have a facebook group where you can post messages, models can reply to your message when they are available. During our courses you do not need to bring professional models, you can also bring your friend or familiy. After registration, per class you can find specifications of the type of model that you need.
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