I look like a raccoon with this concealer!! Pt. 1/3


I bet you had said this expression at least once in your life with a concealer or laugh at someone looking like a sad panda on a picture.


Well, we all know the answer... You are using the wrong concealer!!!


I also guess that maybe you have seen tons of blog posts talking about the color concealers and how you use the opposite color of your imperfection to cancel the pigments and a bunch of information that could be confusing if you are not a makeup expert, but this is how the color concealers look and the color they cancel:



There is an easier way!!


​​If you are not an expert at blending and applying layer over layer of makeup, using color concealers could go totally wrong making you feel disappointed and frustrated.


So instead of using a really orange concealer for Blue/grey imperfections, is better to use a skin color concealer but with an orange undertone, this will correct the pigmentation, blend easier and look more natural at the end. The same applies for purple imperfections, instead of applying a really orange tone, just go for a concealer with a yellow undertone.


And how do we do with the green to correct redness? There is a great technique to cover redness without using a green concealer and it is using a "salmon" concealer all over the red areas. Personally, I prefer the salmon concealer technique than using the green concealer, it looks more natural, blends better and disappear the imperfections.



So, with this simple technique you will be able to correct any imperfections without all the trouble that requires blending colors that are not natural to see on the skin.



Which products can you use for this technique


Let's start with our favorite!!