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Which colors suit you or your clients better? (Part 1)

Hello again my beauties!

Today we are going to talk about "Seasonal Color Analysis", this means to classify colors and people according to the season creating a system to help you to choose their most suitable colors according to this theory and dividing people's features according to each season/category.

After this post you should be able to identify which season are you, spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Why is it so important to know which colors suit you better? Because this can make the difference between looking radiant and fresh or sick and tired.

Some colors really enhance your natural beauty but using the wrong colors may reinforce some of the flaws that you are trying to diminish.

Color theory could be very confusing for some students and artist in the world of makeup, but after observing clients and people everyday and trying to determine their tones you will find it pretty easy.

The first thing we need to see is the color circle and learn which are the cool and the warm colors, I choose a color circle that have more realistic colors to the ones we usually see in makeup:

Color wheel

Everything with an orange base is warm and everything with a blue base is cool. This is very important to know when you choose your foundation, your eyeshadows, blush and lipstick and also to choose your outfit.


How to know your skin undertone

Foundation and concealers should be picked based purely on your skin undertone but this is such an extensive subject that I would like to talk about these in another post and be more detailed.

For now, I found a very fast and accurate online test where you can find out if your skin undertone is yellow, orange or neutral.

You can find it here:

Once you know this, you are able to choose your makeup, based in what suits best on you.


There is a spectrum of warmth and coolness within every color. Even yellow and blue themselves: Warm yellow vs. cool yellow Warm blue vs. cool blue


Seasonal color analysis

First of all, we need to know the tones for each season:

  • Winter and Summer are based on COOL tones.

  • Spring and Autumn are based on WARM tones.

Once you know this, you can determine in which season your features fit best according to your skin undertone, your eye color and natural hair color (not the color you have been dyeing it).



  • Hair: light with a warm gold tone, maybe a little of red or auburn or a light chestnut.

  • Eyes: clear blue, turquoise, green or topaz and often flecked with yellow.

  • Skin undertone: golden/yellow WARM.

Flattering colors:

  • Warm.

  • Ivory instead of pure white

  • Peach and Apricot

  • Clear Bright Aqua and Clear Bright Red

  • All of these clear shades will enhance your bright eyes

Flattering Neutrals:

  • Light warm beige

  • Light camel to deep chocolate brown

  • Warm greys and bright navy blue

Least flattering colors:

  • Avoid Cool colors with a blue undertones like cool pinks, fuchsia and magenta

  • Avoid deep heavy colors, they can make you look grey and sick.

  • Avoid dull and dark shades, they will you look flat.



Summer palette makeup
  • Hair: ash blonde through to fair, or light brown.

  • Eyes: light blue, blue grey, green grey, slate blue, hazel.

  • Skin undertone: COOL. Pink blue undertone.

Flattering colors:

  • Cool. Blue undertones. Blue is your best color.

  • Pinks, soft berry and soft fuchsia.

  • Soft sea green and the light reds.

  • Light pigments to balance the lightness of your natural coloring.

  • soft white rather than pure white.

Your best neutrals:

  • rose beige, cocoa and rose brown

  • light blue grey and silver grey through to grey navy.

Least flattering colors:

  • Anything with yellow/warm undertone

  • Yellows, oranges, tan and mustard

  • Gingery browns

  • Bright sharp greens, warm salmon or coral pinks.



  • Hair: Warm Deep like Auburn, chestnut or deeper.

  • Eyes: warm green, golden/amber or hazel, turquoise/teal

  • Skin undertone: WARM. Golden Beige to Copper or maybe golden

Flattering colors:

  • Warm, deep and soft.

  • Golden/yellow undertone.

  • Ivory and cream instead than pure white.

  • Deep golds and oranges, rich reds and greens, heathery blue mountains and deep teal of the sea

Flattering neutrals:

  • Camel and coffee brown through to the deepest chocolate

  • ginger and terracotta through to the deepest rust

  • Warm marine navy, warm grey or olive green

Least favorite colors:

  • Colors with a blue undertone - too harsh for your complexion

  • Colors that are too pale - they do not match the depth of your coloring

  • Colors that are harsh and bright against your softness

  • Cool Bright colors - raspberry, royal blue, blue red - are not your best shades. If you must wear them, team them with a cooler color near to your face which will soften the effect.



Winter Makeup Palette

  • Hair: deep brown to black with very well defined eyebrows

  • Eyes: Bright clear blue, light turquoise blue, green, violet.

  • Skin undertone: COOL. Cool, fair, porcelain with blue undertones. Pinkish complexion.

Flattering colors:

  • Cool with a blue undertone, Deep and Clear (Bright)

  • the deepest and coolest. Winter is the only palette that Black and White as the highest contrast.

  • the clearest strongest, purest shades - royal blue, emerald green, rich true red, shocking pink, hot turquoise

  • all your colors are as perfect for holidays as the coldest days

  • team these strong tones with the iciest shades of the winter landscape - pure snow white, icy pink, icy blue, icy turquoise, icy aqua

  • all the glorious colors we see streaked across the wintry skies

  • All of these clear shades will enhance your bright eyes

Flattering Neutrals:

  • Black, charcoal and cool silver greys.

Least Flattering colors:

  • Avoid dull and dark shades, they will you look flat.

  • Anything with a yellow/warm undertone - it will make you look yellow and sick.

  • Beige, cream, yellow/orange, yellow/greens, ginger browns, rusts, brick red.


Are you able to identify your season now? Comment below.

I hope this first part about Color Analysis can help you understand and identify your best colors or the best color for your clients.

If you have any questions please comment below or on my Instagram account @glamourmakeupnl.





Inspiration and Images founded on:

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