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Recover your dry makeup with this product

Hello everyone!! It's me again ;)

This time I want to review a product that I didn't know that existed and now I find it very, very useful, actually I think is a "must have".

I am talking about "Duraline" from Inglot cosmetics.


Inglot "Duraline"

I discovered this product while I was checking pigments from Inglot and

the pro tip said that you could get a better result using "Duraline". I was curious and I checked it out.

It says on the description that you could rehydrate old makeup using one drop. I decided to try it due that I also use the gel liner from Inglot, which I love, but after a few uses it starts to get dry as other cream makeup products.

This product, as you can see, is a little dropper. One drop is enough even for the oldest or dryest makeup.


I decided to try it on these 3 products, that you can see on the picture are extremely dry. I was about to put them in the garbage because they were impossible to use.

Duraline and Dry Products

From left to right: Duraline, MAC paint pot "soft ochre" and "layin' low" and Inglot gel liner #77

After applying one drop, these were the results:


As shown, all the products recovered their creamy consistency and the colors are vivid again. Now is easier to apply the liner and the paint pots because they feel like new. Really!!

You can also try it for dry mascara, to apply and fix eye pigments and loose eyeshadows.

With this product you can save a lot of money using due that extends the life of your cosmetics and you can buy it for only €10 and will last for a lot of uses because you only need a drop.

Duraline is also paraben free and is not tested on animals.

If you live in The Netherlands or Belgium you can order it online here: Duraline.

Or you can buy it at their stores in Amsterdam (Van Baerlestraat) and The Hague (Gravenstraat).

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