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Favorites products of the month. May.

Hello my beautiful queens!! I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather we've been having this days in Europe, Specially in The Netherlands.

On this post I'll be talking about my favorite products of the month. I've been trying all this products for a while and I am very happy with them.



I would like to start talking about the skincare products I've been using lately and share my experience with them.

These 3 products you see here are perfect for dry and/or sensitive skin which is my case.

First you can see on the left, "L'Oréal Micellar Water". This product is A-MA-ZING! Removes makeup easily, even waterproof makeup. But what I love the most is that I don't feel my skin sore after using it, on the contrary, my skin feels soft and refreshed.

You can also see the Biotherm Nutrisource hydrating cream. I have extreme dry skin, but like serious! I have flaky dry skin from head to toe but this cream made disappear all the terrible flakes I used to have around my nose and forehead. Its formula is very thick, it feels like butter so is a little oily for day-time, that's why I decided to use it only as a night cream.

And last but not least, the little jar of Clinique's "All about eyes" cream. I've been using this cream I think for over 4 years and it completely disappear my dark circles. People who know me in person know that I don't suffer for this common issue anymore. Of course this is not "for a few days" treatments, you have to apply it constantly and for a long period of time to see results. So if you are not patient you could feel frustrated the first days, but it worths the waiting!

Now, for sun lotion.

We all get crazy when after 8 months of no sun in the Netherlands we get nice sunny weather like this week but we must never forget to protect our skin!

I've tried this non-oily formula from Garnier and I am personally pleased with the results.

I'm happy with this lotion because it doesn't feel oily and sticky. I hate that! And I know a lot of you don't like it either so here you have this option from Garnier to enjoy this summer


Eye Products

As I told you before blue makeup is one of the biggest trend this spring.🍬 Here there are some of my favorites blue products. Picture is with flash and video with artificial light. Later on I'll show you a look using some of them:

1.- Glitter/ Escarcha in "Emerald" from@makeupstudionl

2.- Eyeshadow/ Sombra in "Venezia" from@anastasiabeverlyhills

3, 4, 5.- Blue shadows/ Sombras azules from palette "London" from @coastalscents

5 & 6.- Loose Eyeshadows/ Sombras sueltas in "Space Pearl" and "Ocean Blue" from@nyxcosmetics And on the side blue liner/ Y al lado delineador azul un "Cobalt" from@coastalscents


Lip Products

I would like to start my list of favorites with lip nudes, trendy this season. My recent students know how much I'm loving the lip liner "Morning Coffee" from @maccosmeticsand this time I mixed it with "Rendezvous" from @lagirlcosmetics. I think is a perfect match!

- For fair skin girls the liner could look a little brown if you apply too much. - Is perfect for all skin undertones. - For a very very dark skin could look too pink or even white, so try it before buying.

You can see also how they look with flash📸 and without flash📷

Continuing with this month's favorites, I want to share this lip combination that I find super sexy and glamorous for a night out.

The lipliner is from @maccosmetics in "Bespoken for" and the lipstick is "Smoulder" from @sleekmakeup

This combo is perfect for everyone! It looks good on every skin color and undertones


Well ladies, this is the first review I share with you guys, I tried to keep it short and to the point instead of a long post.

You can follow me on Snapchat to see this reviews live. Find me as "glamourmakeupnl"

If you have any suggestions, ideas or do you want me to talk in depth of each product on future post please comment below. I will definitely take all your kind comments under consideration.


Marihen xx

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