How does it work?

Did you know that as resident of The Netherlands, you are eligible for a reduction of €1.000 over our professional courses? Also, with Glamour Makeup you will get a Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination course completely free if you sign up before the 31st of August. We also offer payment plans, you can book now with €100 and split the rest in 2, 6 or 12 instalments.


- The requirements are quite simple:

  • You must be a resident of The Netherlands with a BSN number.

  • You have not received any educational financial aid or subsidy in 2022.

  • A Dutch bank account if you are paying the remaining amount in instalments.

  • Sign up for the course and you will receive further information about the application for the reduction.

- The reduction is applicable to the following programs, click on each one for dates and more information:

The reduction is per person per year, not per course. If you choose more than one course, the discount will be applied to the final amount. To pay in instalments, you must have a bank account where we can charge the direct debit every month (automatische incasso).

To obtain this benefit right now, book online just by clicking on the button below and sign up for our new season starting in September, November and January.

For payments in cash, please get in touch with us to make an appointment.

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If you have more questions or do you want to make an appointment for payments in cash, please fill in the form below.

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