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Taxes and Finances for Beauty Professionals

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We know how difficult could be to start your business and understand the tax system, especially if you come from another country. The tax system could be confusing and scary but it also offers many benefits for entrepreneurs and small businesses that you need to know about.

Because of all these reasons, we have organized again our masterclass "Taxes and Finances for Beauty Professionals" to understand such an important subject.
Please read below the content of the class, date, cost and the registration link for you to book your spot.
Masterclass Taxes and Finances for Beauty Professionals
This masterclass will be given by the tax and finance expert Diana Oord from Care4tax. She will explain step-by-step information on finances and accounting for beauty professionals. Also, she will be able to answer all of your questions about taxes in the Netherlands as well.
Some of the subjects that will be discussed are:
- Introduction to the Dutch Tax System.
- How to start as a ZZP' er/ Freelancer (Eenmanzaak).
- Benefits that the tax system offers for starters and entrepreneurs.
- Income tax and BTW (VAT).
- How to declare your taxes when you work as a freelancer.
- How to declare your taxes when you work as a freelancer and have a part-time job at the same time.
- Tax return.
- Which expenses can be included in the declaration.
- How to declare expenses over items you buy out of The Netherlands.
- Entrepreneurs' tax responsibilities.
- KOR (Small Entrepreneurs Scheme).

- Tuesday 4th of July 2023 from 10:00 until 14:00.
- Address: Suezkade 102, 2517CA, The Hague.
- Cost: €95
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