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Hairstyling Kit

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DISCLAIMER: we do not sell the kits to regular customers, these are sold only to the students who enrolled on our Hairstyling Programs. The kits will be given to you at the school once you start your course, we do not ship them to your location.


Blow Dryer.

Flat Iron.

Curling iron with clamp 25mm.

Protective Glove.

Pre-Styling Spray.

Volume Powder.

Dry Shampoo.

Texturizing Spray (Salt Spray).

Hair Gel.

Hairspray strength 3 and 5.

Moisturizing Curl Cream.

Round Brushes (25mm and 43mm).

Detangling Brush.

Pointed Comb.

Bobby Pins 50mm

U-shaped Bobby Pins.


Elastic Bands

Metall Small Clamps (small and large)

Bottle of Shampoo for damaged hair.

ZUCA backpack.

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