Makeup Artistry Program/ Visagie Opleiding

This program is for anyone wanting to learn makeup professionally and build a career in this field. You will learn the latest and glamorous makeup trends and techniques, you will learn to work for real clients, for photography, brides, editorial and much more.

The lessons are very well explained with attention to detail so at the end of the course you will be able to master all the techniques when working by yourself.

Classes are small groups (max. 6 people) so we guarantee you personalized and focused attention from the teacher that you won’t receive in big group classes in other schools.

The course will be offered in 3 different ways so you can choose the one that suits you best:

  • Regular Program: 1 class per week.

  • Express Program: 2 classes per week.

  • Personalized Super Accelerated: We will adjust the classes for you to finish as fast as possible (subject to availability, just ask!).

The Makeup Artistry Program has a total duration of 18 lessons. You can also choose from our extended programs of 22 and 26 lessons.

New extended programs: From 2019, we have extended our courses for people who want to learn extra skills.

  • Advanced Artistry: Makeup Artistry Program + Airbrush. 22 lessons.

  • Master in Makeup: Makeup Artistry Program + Airbrush + Special Effects. 26 lessons.

Because of the amount of international students our classes are in English with translation to Dutch or Spanish.

The course includes:

  • 18, 22 or 26 lessons of 4 hours each, for a total of 72, 88 or 104 hours depending on the program you choose.

  • 36, 44 or 52 hours of material to study and practice at home depending on the program you choose.

  • Award-winner teachers.

  • 2 student-lab lessons at the M.A.C. PRO Store (held 2 times a year).

  • 1 student-lab lesson from Make Up For Ever (held one time a year).

  • Special effects week with graduates from Hollywood's Cinema Makeup School (held in August).

  • Digital study material.

  • Book.

  • Lessons focused on working in the Makeup Industry and how to get a job.

  • Photography for Makeup Artists lesson.

  • Social media and marketing lessons.

  • Internships at the school.

  • Job selection from MAC (conditions apply).

  • Professional photos after each lesson.

  • Access to student discounts with M.A.C, Make Up For Ever, NYX Cosmetics and other remarkable brands.

All of our previous students can profit from the new updates of the course.

Content of the Program

  • The art of Makeup. What is this wonderful world and its history.

  • Advice on how to start your career as makeup artist and promote yourself whether if you want to work as a freelancer or find employment.

  • Materials and brushes that the makeup artist uses.

  • Properly setup a professional and sanitary workspace and make-up station.

  • Color Theory. Chiaroscuro technique. The Art of Mixology.

  • How to work with face charts.

  • Identify bone structure, skin tone, skin condition, coloration, imperfections, and the positive and the negative aspects of the face Identify skin undertones and shades.

  • Understanding different eye shapes.

  • How to maximise and dramatise features.

  • Mastering brush control and flawless blending.

  • Preparation of the face. Prime and moisturize.

  • Practical application of Corrective Makeup according to every type of face.

  • Eyebrow shaping and waxing.

  • How to contour and highlight.

  • Theory of Colour applied to eye makeup. How to choose the most flattering eyeshadow for your client based on the color of her skin, eyes, hair, clothing, age and occasion.

  • The art of the smokey eyes.

  • Cut Crease technique (Arabic/Bollywood Eyes).

  • Cat Eyes.

  • Eyeliner and Mascara application.

  • Application of false eyelashes.

  • Lipstick application.

  • Bridal Makeup.

  • Makeup for dark skin tones.

  • Makeup for mature skin.

  • Makeup for men.

  • How to understand the concept you need to deliver to designers, photographer., etc and execute their ideas properly on the models.

  • Makeup for Photoshoots and videos. Black & White photography. Editorial & Commercial photography.

  • Vintage makeup (years 20's, 40's, 70's...)

  • Editorial/Catwalk makeup.

  • Thema-Fantasy makeup.

  • General beauty tips and advice.


Extended Programs

​- Advanced Artistry with Airbrush. Everything mentioned above + the following:

  • Understanding your airbrush equipment components: compressor, air nozzle, air brush gun

  • How to clean the airbrush

  • Types of airbrush makeup products

  • Choosing and maintaining your airbrush tools

  • Finding the right airbrush makeup for your clients

  • Projection of air brush to paper exercises progressing to application to skin, face and body

  • Beauty Makeup using air brush

  • Creating a seamless makeup base

  • Contouring and highlighting

  • Complete bridal airbrush makeup applications

  • Creative face art/fantasy makeup

  • Working with stencils.

  • Plan and execute makeup using airbrush.

- Master in Makeup. Everything mentioned above + the following:

  • Materials used for Characterisation and FX Makeup.

  • Use of water-based and oil-based paints.

  • Use of alcohol paints.

  • Working with blood and different types.

  • Preparing and creating characters.

  • Character styling.

  • Skin ageing.

  • Create skin imperfections.

  • Create realistic wounds with sculpt gel.

  • Create realistic scars.

  • How to create fake theet.

  • Use of the airbrush in Characterisation, Bodypaint and FX.

Career Prospects


After the complexion of this training you will be able to work for:

  • Special events

  • Brides and Weddings

  • TV and/or High Definition TV

  • Cosmetics brands

  • Commercials

  • Photographers

  • Fashion, media and music industries.

  • Beauty salons and counters

  • As freelance Makeup Artist

  • Blogger/ Vlogger

  • FX Makeup



  • Makeup Artistry Program: €1.820 (18 lessons). Exc. materials.

  • Advanced Artistry. Makeup Artistry Program + Airbrush: €2.236 (22 lessons). Exc. materials

  • Master in Makeup: Makeup Artistry Program + Airbrush + Special Effects: €2.652 (26 lessons). Exc. materials.

Our courses are tax free, meaning that you do not pay any taxes over the amount and also, the course can be included for deductions in the yearly tax declaration as education expenses (including what you spend in materials and related expenses). 

Find more information here:


If you pay the full amount at once you get 5% discount over the total amount.

You can also pay in terms:

- Regular program:

  • Makeup Artistry Program: 7 instalments of €260 each.

  • Advanced Artistry: 8 instalments of €279,50.

  • Master in Makeup:  9 instalments of €294,70.

- Express program: 

  • Makeup Artistry Program: 4 instalments of €455,00 each.

  • Advanced Artistry:  5 instalments of €447,20.

  • Master in Makeup:  5 instalments of €530,40.

- Personalized Accelerated program and International Students: you save your place with a first payment of 50% of the course and then you pay the rest of the amount on the first day of class.

We also accept other payment programs such as Mijn Betaald Plan. Just ask for more payment options.

PROMO: Combine this course with the Hairstyling for Makeup Artists Course and get an extra 10% discount using the code 2courses at the checkout.


Work kits

Buying the kit with us is optional. Read below*.

Our work kits are provided by Make Up For Ever and MAC cosmetics!


All of our students will obtain 20% student discount for future purchases of Make Up For Ever products and 20% with MAC.

All the kits have absolutely everything you need for your professional training and to work with your clients after you finish. Everything was personally picked by us to guarantee that you will have suitable materials for the highest professional standards. We respect your budget so you can be sure that you won't have any extra expenses during the course.


You can choose from these brands:

  •  MAC Cosmetics:

    • Basic Package: €650 the basic great quality materials tha you need to start as Makeup Artist.

    • Luxe Package: €950 the most high-end products from the brand chosen by us specially for our students.

  • NYX Cosmetics:

Additional Materials for the Advanced Artistry with Airbrush:

  • Kryolan kit: €499.

You can also rent the materials paying a small extra fee (see further below).

Click HERE to see the list of materials you need for this course and what is included in the starter kit in case you would like to purchase it.

Additional Materials for the Master in Makeup with FX:

  • Kryolan kit: €199.


You can also rent the materials paying a small extra fee (see further below).

Click HERE to see the list of materials you need for this course and what is included in the starter kit in case you would like to purchase it.

The basic kits include everything you will need to enter the world of makeup, the luxe kits include additional products that make your kit more diverse but it is a personal choice. 

The kits cannot be paid in terms but you do not have to buy them at the moment you book the course, you can buy it later on and you also have the possibility to buy the Airbrush and the FX kit later on the course when you are closer to these lessons.

*If you prefer to bring the materials by yourself you can find the list of what you need to buy HERE. We don't guarantee you good results on your work if the quality of your cosmetics is not good enough. It is also mandatory to bring everything on the list.

If you can't afford to buy the materials yet, you can rent a kit with us for only €150 euro extra for the Makeup Artistry Program, €199 for the Arbrush Program and €250 for the Master in Makeup Program.

Disclaimer: We don't guarantee you good results on your work if the quality of your tools and cosmetics is not good enough. It is also mandatory to bring everything on the list. We reserve the right to modify the content of the kits according to the availability of our providers and seasonal products.


Apart from the products cosmetic products, the kits will also include for free:

  • Elegant makeup case.

  • Basic brush set from Glamour Makeup.

  • 1 pair of mink lashes.


You can also upgrade the brushes for a selection from MAC Cosmetics or NYX Cosmetics brushes (includes professional brush belt) with a 25% discount OFF the retail price:

  • MAC Cosmetics 10 brushes: retail price €352, our price €264.

  • NYX Cosmetics 12 brushes: retail price €234,37 our price €175.

As mentioned before, the kit will come with a basic makeup case, but you can also upgrade to a trolley (recommended if you will be doing both hair and makeup):

  • Basic trolley unbranded: €121.

  • NYX cosmetics trolley: retail price €317,65, our price €225.

  • ZÜCA/Kryolan trolley (blue): retail price €299, our price €259.

  • ZÜCA/Make Up For Ever trolley (black): retail price €299, our price €269.



  • We are a school approved by the Dutch CRKBO, which means that we will give you a certificate as a Makeup Artist/Visagist at the end of the course. For more information visit

  • We are also an approved member of the International Union for Makeup and Hairstylist Education.

  • We prepare you for the exam at the Kwaliteitscentrum Uiterlijke Verzorging Branche Diploma Visagie. 

Starting Dates

For the Personalized Super Accelerated Program please contact us with your requirements and we will prepare a course adapted to your time.


Starting Dates 2020

Regular Program

Once a week, 4 hours per class.

March 07, 2020

See schedule

Sunday's 10:30-14:30

August 30, 2020

See schedule

Monday's 10:00-14:00

September 05, 2020

See schedule

Sunday's 10:30-14:30

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Express Program

Twice a week, 4 hours per class.

January 13, 2020

See schedule

Tuesday's & Thursday's 10:00-14:00

May 06, 2020

See schedule

Tuesday's & Thursday's 10:00-14:00

August 31, 2020

See schedule

Tuesday's & Thursday's 10:00-14:00

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Once a week, 8 hours per class.

January 17, 2020

See schedule

Saturday's 10:00-18:00

May 08, 2020

See schedule

Saturday's 10:00-18:00

September 04, 2020

See schedule

Saturday's 10:00-18:00

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The course is held at following location:

Suezkade 102, 2517CA, Den Haag.

Free parking the whole day until 18:00

You can come with tram 3 to the stop Conrakade or tram 11 to stop Laan van Meerdervoort Oost.


Signing up

How to book?

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