Bridal Hairstyling Course Bruids hairdre

If your dream is becoming a Bridal Hairstyling Specialist and be able to be part of that very special day for your clients' life, then this is the perfect course for you.

The course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn or improve everything about bridal Hairstyling, wether you have experience or not. In this course we want our students to build and master all of the techniques from the very beginning; but if you also have some experience, this course will help you improve your skills and update yourself as a bridal hair specialist.


Our Bridal Hairstyling Specialist Program will prepare you in 16 lessons for the labour market and start living your dream job. After the completion of the course, you will receive your certificate as a Bridal Hairstylist Specialist which is valid in The Netherlands and abroad as well.

Classes are small groups (max. 6 people) so we guarantee you personalized and focused attention from the teacher that you won’t receive in big group classes in other schools.

The course will be offered in 3 different ways so you can choose the one that suits you best:

  • Regular Program: 1 class per week.

  • Express Program: 2 classes per week.

  • Personalized Super Accelerated: We will adjust the classes for you to finish as fast as possible (subject to availability, just ask!).

Because of the amount of international students our classes are in English and/or Dutch.

The course also includes:

  • Award-winner teachers.

  • Guides and study material.

  • Access to our model's facebook group to help you find models for your classes.

  • Access to exclusive Masterclasses and student discounts with M.A.C, Make Up For Ever, NYX Cosmetics and other remarkable brands.

  • Exclusive access to our Masterclasses about how to work in the Makeup Industry and how to get a job, Photography for Makeup Artists, Social Media, Marketing and many more...

  • Internships at the school (conditions apply).

  • Submissions to contests and competitions (conditions apply).

  • Professional photos after each lesson.

All of our previous students can profit from the new updates of the course.

The Bridal Hairstyling Specialist Program has a total duration of 16 lessons (1 online theory lesson and 15 practical lessons) and a total cost of €1.664.

You can pay the course in parts.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From September 1, 2021 we will have an adjustment of 5% over our prices. If you want to take advantage of the current price, make sure to book on time. After this date, the cost of the course will be €1.747,20. If you choose to pay in terms but you book before Sep. 1st, you won't have any increase applied to the payments.


See more information about the course and payment plans in our brochure.

Download brochure here. 



  • Working with tools and products.​

  • Properly setup a professional and sanitary workspace and station.

  • Identify bone structure, hair condition, coloration, and the positive and the negative aspects of your client's hair.

  • Understanding different hair porosity.

  • Suitable hairstyles according to the occasion and your client's features.

  • Understanding different haircuts that your client might have.

  • How to maximise and enhance features.

  • Preparation of the hair.

  • Creating volume and hight.

  • Braiding techniques.

  • Classic bridal hairstyles.

  • Vintage bridal hairstyles.

  • Bollywood/Arabic hairstyles.

  • Final project.


We want to give our students extra opportunities of developing themselves professionally and go as far as they want with their education. This is why we offer extra (advanced) training focusing on specific skills for you to grow and prepare on the field you love the most.


These modules are optional and you are free to choose as many as you want. You don't have to decide from the beginning, some students might not have clear what they want to accomplish yet, this is the reason why we give you the option of signing up later on, when you are ready for it.


Some of the modules can be taken simultaneously with the basic training due that they require different skills that are not necessary for the complexion of the other course. For example, you can add Bridal Makeup lessons parallel to your Hairstyling course, but if you are taking the "Advanced Beauty" module, you must do it after completing the basic training.

Here you can see the options available for advanced training.

  • Bridal Makeup Specialist program: 20 lessons.​

This is the equivalent of the Bridal Hairstyling Specialist program but you will learn Makeup. The course is for students who want to offer full hair and makeup services for brides, photoshoots, salons, clients, etc. 

  • Eyelash extensions 1x1: 3 lessons + 1 for volume.

Learn the trendy skill of eyelash extensions application. Theses days is very popular that clients request por eyelash extensions and you can make this an extra source of income. You will learn how to apply them and how to do the maintenance and refilling of the lashes.




  • €1.664. (16 lessons). Inc. BTW, Exc. materials.

Our courses are tax free, meaning that you do not pay any taxes over the amount and also, the course can be included for deductions in the yearly tax declaration as education expenses (including what you spend in materials and related expenses).

Find more information here:


If you pay the full amount at once you get 5% discount over the total amount, paying only €1.580,80.

You can also pay in terms: if you are a resident of The Netherlands and want to pay in parts, we will collect the payment every month through direct debit from your bank (automatische incasso).

- Regular program:

  • Bridal Hairstyling Specialist program: 7 monthly instalments of €237,71 each.

- Express program: 

  • Bridal Hairstyling Specialist program: 4 monthly instalments of €416 each.

- Personalized Accelerated program and/or International Students:

you save your place with a first payment of 50% of the course and then you pay the rest of the amount on the first day of class.

PROMO: Combine this course with one of the advanced modules and get extra 10% discount! Use the code 2COURSES at the checkout (discounts apply only to the amount paid at the moment of the booking, it does not apply to future instalments if you are paying in parts).


- Bridal specialist Makeup Program: (20 extra lessons). €1.820.

  • 5% discount in one payment €1.729

  • Or 7 monthly instalments of €260 each.

- Makeup Artistry Program: (23 extra lessons).​ €2.132.

  • 5% discount in one payment €2.132.​

  • Or 7 monthly instalments of €304,57 each.

- Eyelash extensions 1x1 (3 extra lessons): €425.

  • 5% discount in one payment €403,75.

  • Or 2 monthly instalments of €212,50 each.

- Eyelash extensions Volume (1 extra lesson): €199.


Due to agreements we have with prestigious brands, you can get extraordinary starter kits for a great price, including everything you need for the whole course without having extra unexpected expenses. All the kits are carefully selected for you to have the best tools to start your career. We also have several options for brushes and trolleys so you can personalize your kit as much as you want. Buying the kit from us is optional, If you prefer to bring the materials by yourself we can provide you with the list of what you need to bring. We don't guarantee you good results if the quality of your cosmetics is not good enough.

If you can't afford to buy the materials yet, you can rent materials from us to use during the classes for only €150 (VAT excl.) for the whole basic training.

The kits cannot be paid in terms but you do not have to buy them at the moment you book the course, you can buy it up to 1 week before the starting date of your course.


All of our students will obtain 20% off in our online store where you can purchase brands like Balmain, Schwarzkopf, Max Pro, Wella, GHD, OGÈ Exclusive and much more...

All the kits have all the tools and styling products you need for your professional training and to work with your clients after you finish. Everything was personally picked by us to guarantee that you will have suitable materials for the highest professional standards. We respect your budget so you can be sure that you won't have any extra expenses during the course.



Balmain Hair Couture:  

Balmain Hair Couture offers a luxury range of hairstyling products. This kit contains everything that you need to start your career as a hairstylist. 

Max Pro Hair:

Top quality materials to make the perfect hairstyles. This kit contains everything that you need to start your career as a hairstylist.​

Hairstyling additions: 

Apart from the tools and styling products you can also personalise your kits with extra options for practice heads, trolleys and more.

  • Practice head with human hair: 35 cm (€58,83) or 50 cm (€98,54) exc. BTW

  • Tripod for practice head: €60 exc. BTW.  

  • Extension kit, with human hair: Soon available. 

  • Practice head kit, with human hair: €199,17 exc. BTW

  • Trolley, different sizes, from €60,- exc. BTW

*If you prefer to bring the materials by yourself you can find the list of what you need to buy HERE.

Disclaimer: We don't guarantee you good results on your work if the quality of your tools and cosmetics is not good enough. It is also mandatory to bring everything on the list. We reserve the right to modify the content of the kits according to the availability of our providers and seasonal products.

Upgrades and additions:

Apart from the tools and styling products you can also personalise your kits with extra options for practice heads, trolleys and more (extra costs might apply depending on your choices).



At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate as a Bridal Hairstyling Specialist.




Regular Program

Once a week (4 hours)

April 24, 2021

Every Saturday from 14.30 to 18.30

04 September, 2021

Every Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00

Express Program

Once or twice a week (8 hours)

January 12, 2021

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10:00 to 14:00

January 16, 2021

Every Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00



The course is held at the following location:

Suezkade 102, 2517CA, Den Haag.

Free parking the whole day until 18:00.

You can come with tram 3 to the stop Conrakade or tram 11 to stop Laan van Meerdervoort Oost.

Children or extra companions are NOT allowed in class.


How to book?

Click on the button you see below and follow the steps of the payment system.