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This training program will provide you with the necessary understandings of the equipment, techniques on how to apply, and the creative confidence to use your airbrush makeup at the highest standard.Students will learn how to create a dewy, flawless complexion and develop their creative techniques to using a variety of airbrush foundations, multicolors, blushers, highlighters, contour and body airbrush cosmetics and equipment.


This is a great introduction to airbrush makeup. Airbrushing is popular in film, TV, theatre, and sunless tanning but is mostly famous in HD (High Definition) photography and film work for its even, sheer and natural appearance.


Also you will learn airbrushing skills applicable to beauty, high-fashion and special events work. The class focuses on creating bridal and/or fantasy looks with a polished final look.


  • Understanding your airbrush equipment components: compressor, air nozzle, airbrush gun.

  • How to clean the airbrush.

  • Types of airbrush makeup products.

  • Choosing and maintaining your airbrush tools.

  • Finding the right airbrush makeup for your clients.

  • Projection of airbrush to paper exercises progressing to application to skin, face and body.

  • Beauty Makeup using airbrush.

  • Creating a seamless makeup base.

  • Contouring and highlighting.

  • Complete bridal airbrush makeup applications.

  • Evening makeup.

- Class 1: Airbrush equipment & fundamentals. First airbrush practice on paper and skin. Foundation, contouring, highlights, blush and eyebrows. No model needed.  

- Class 2: Bridal Makeup. You should bring a model and your materials.

- Class 3: Dramatic Glam Makeup. You should bring a model and your materials.


  • Previous intermediate/advanced make-up knowledge is required. This is not a beginners course, therefore we would not be explaining basic subjects of makeup application, we will go deeply only in airbrush makeup application.

  • Casual dress code (black)

  • You are required to bring your own set of professional make-up brushes (12 different brushes minimum) and makeup.

  • On the first class you will practice with a class-mate therefore you must be willing to have make-up applied on you as well as applying it to others. For the second and third class you should bring a model, preferably in the age rage of 18 to 40 years old.

  • The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years old. There is no upper age limit.

  • The course includes Certificate of complexion with the content of the course.




  • Your kit of materials.

  • Black dress code (Casual).

  • Something to take notes.

  • Good and positive attitude.

  • You must bring a model (after you enrol we will provide you assistance if you need).


After the complexion of this training you will be able to work for:

  • Special events

  • Brides and Weddings

  • TV and/or High Definition TV

  • Cosmetics brands

  • Commercials

  • Photographers

  • Fashion, media and music industries.

  • Beauty salons and counters

  • As freelance Makeup Artist


Group Classes

€416 exc. Materials

Private Classes

€664 exc. Materials

*Private classes during the weekends are upon request and fully depend on availability. The price for private classes during the weekends or evenings (after 17:00) is €750. Private classes are from 1 to 3 people, so be aware that you could be alone but maybe another student could join the class as well. 

If you need us to find a model for you, let us know as soon as possible (extra charges may apply).

For classes out of this dates or private classes you can call or send us an email with your requirement and to make an appointment for the days that suits you better.


We will provide the materials to use during the classes. However, you can buy the starter kit with us or you can bring your own materials if you already have them or if you prefer to buy them by your own.

Click HERE to see the list of materials you need for this course and what is included in the starter kit in case you would like to purchase it.


  • Your makeup and brush set.

  • You will be required to bring 2 models for the course. If you need help finding the models let us know (extra charges apply).

  • Something to take notes.

  • Good and positive attitude.


At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate as proof of completion for you to add it to your professional achievements.


  • We are an approved member of the International Union for Makeup and Hairstylist Education.

  • We can prepare you for the exam at the Kwaliteitscentrum Uiterlijke Verzorging Branche Diploma Visagie if you wish to take that test. 

  • We are also registered at the Dutch CRKBO which means that our courses are VAT-free, because of this, you do not pay any taxes over the course's price and also, the course can be included for deductions in the yearly tax declaration as education expenses (including what you spend in materials and related expenses). Apart from this, our school gets audited every 5 years in order to guarantee you that we comply with all the regulations of their quality code. For more information visit


Please contact us for starting dates


The course is held at the following location:

Suezkade 102, 2517CA, Den Haag.

Free parking the whole day until 18:00.

You can come with tram 3 to the stop Conrakade or tram 11 to stop Laan van Meerdervoort Oost.

Children or extra companions are NOT allowed in class.


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