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Marihen Giménez

Makeup Artist/ Lawyer/ Entrepreneur Founder of Glamour Makeup

Welcome!! I am Marihen Gimenez, Venezuelan entrepreneur in The Netherlands and founder of Glamour Makeup.


I came from a country known for having some the most beautiful women in the world, so for us, beauty is a very important part of our lives since we are children.


My parents were owners of a Modelling, Dancing and Acting school in Venezuela, for this reason I grew up surrounded by models, TV personalities, actors, etc. I started my artistic career as an actress in theater and TV when I was only 5 years old, while I was growing up I also started to study modelling. At the age of 15 I was already training teenagers for beauty pageants. When I was 17, I finished my first makeup course in Herman's Institute, a nationally recognized beauty and modelling academy in Caracas.


Afterwards, I started teaching makeup to my modelling students but their friends and relatives were so happy with this classes that they started asking for private classes for women who weren't related to the modelling school. 


After a few months, I opened my own company and I was giving Makeup courses every week. I became so popular that I got a call from a national TV station offering me a small segment on a TV show to share and teach makeup secrets. As consequence, I started to receive requests from girls nationwide, I reached 50.000 followers on Facebook and I started travelling around the country giving courses.


In 2014, I moved to The Netherlands where I opened my Makeup School that teaches in English and Spanish. I had given courses in different cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Rotterdam. In addition to this, I've been working with different photographers and got my work published in different magazines.


In 2016 I was the winner of the public's choice at the Makeup Awards 2016 in The Netherlands. Only 10 artists get selected and nominated for this prestigious award and I am glad I was awarded by the organisation.

This year we were feature in Vriendin Magazine as one of the best courses in The Netherlands.


Also, Glamour Makeup was the winner of a contest hosted by the web platform WIX for a worldwide commercial were I was required to teach the Manchester City's football players how to do makeup, it was hilarious! In only 3 days, the commercial hit more than a million views in different languages.

In 2018, our school was awarded with the Talent Award at the Makeup Awards in The Netherlands by sending our students to this prestigious competition, resulting 2 of our students the winners of two of the three categories.


Since I started as Makeup Artist I have been studying continuously, I hold diplomas in different makeup areas such as social makeup, characterization, fantasy, FX and makeup for High Definition TV, everything  to keep up with the new trends and techniques in the market to provide my students and clients a great experience and full satisfaction.

Glamour Makeup Academy

The Hague, The Netherlands



To provide professional training to people wanting to develop a career in the beauty industry as Makeup, Hair and/or Eyelash artist.



To be the leading Academy in professional training  in the area of Makeup, Hair and Eyelash extensions in The Netherlands, through the professionalism and responsibility that rules the organizational behavior of our school, strengthening ties with major brands, audiovisual companies and fashion events.




Our school and students have been awarded and recognized by different organizations, brands and media, since we opened our doors in The Netherlands.

  • Winner Makeup Awards 2016 Public's Choice Award (Marihen Gimenez).

  • Winner of WIX Competition 2017 (Extraordinary skills Marihen Gimenez).

  • Winner Makeup Awards 2018 (Student Magdalena Jaworska).

  • Winner Talent Makeup Awards 2018 (Student Fatima Ribeiro).

  • Winner Makeup Awards 2019 (Student Nassima El Yacoubi).

  • Winner Makeup Awards 2019 Public's Choice Award (Student Nassima El Yacoubi).

  • Winner Make Up For Ever School Competition 2020 (Student Hanna Grete Akke).

  • Winner Make Up For Ever School Competition 2022 (Student Lemwell Suva).


We are an internationally recognized institution providing education according to the highest standards in the industry.

  • Approved member of the IUM (International Union for Makeup and Hairstyling Education).

  • Inspected and audited by the CRKBO (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs).



  • Excellence

       Excellence is the fundamental value that defines our work.


  • Effort

       Effort to provide excellent service to our students and

       customers who rely on our work.


  • Honesty

       Without honesty our work would lose confidence that our

       public have placed in our message.


  • Perseverance

       Perseverance is the flag that flutters in our strategy to be

       better every day following high quality standards.


  • Positivism

       A message without positivism is a message that lacks

       confidence, which is why positivism is one of our engines.



Central Message


The central purpose of our message is to instill professionalism through learning for those people who are passionate about the beauty industry and perceive it as an art, as a profession, as a passion and as a way to project a glamorous and confident work.

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